Colombia, Nodier Andrade

Dogwood Coffee Canada


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Nodier Andrade is one of Dogwood’s favourite coffee producers. He also happens to be one of ten producers (out of 4500) that have received a three-star rating from Caravela, our partner in Colombia. For the past few years now, he’s delivered deeply complex and sweet juicy coffees.  Nodier’s farm is called Finca El Mandarino and is located at 1900masl near La Plata, in the Huila region. Of some 10,000 trees, the majority of the coffee grown at El Mandarino is of the Typica and Caturra varieties, while the remainder is the more coffee leaf rust resistant Colombia variety. After pulping, the coffee is fermented for up to 24 hours and then carefully dried on raised and covered beds. This coffee is juicy and complex with tasting notes of caramel apple.