Indonesia Sulawesi Toarco

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Sweet herb flavors like sage and rosemary are present in this coffee along with vanilla bean and V8 Splash.

There are a lot of things we love about this coffee and we don’t have nearly enough space to talk about it. Toarco stands out in our offerings because the flavor characteristics are unique not only to our list, but amongst most Indonesian coffee. Indonesian coffees often get a bad rap because of the earthy and sometimes defective moldy flavors that are common because of the wet-hulling process that strips the seed of its protective shell layer before being fully dried. When the green coffee is exposed to the elements at 35-40% moisture, it absorbs all of the smells and flavors around it. The wet hulling process also leads to a lot of physical damage to the coffee, since it is still so soft when the shell is being torn off. Coffees from Toarco are fully washed like most of our offerings, which allows for a cleaner cup and an arguably more accurate representation of the true flavor. The Tana Toraja region on the island of Sulawesi grows mostly a Typica variety that we think additionally lends to its unique flavor profile.

PT Toarco Jaya was established in the Tana Toraja region in Sulawesi in 1976. They operate their own plantation and run a collection system to buy parchment from local people to put together lots like this one. The lots are sorted into different categories by size, AA being the biggest, then A and PB (peaberry.)