Ethiopia Shakisso (340gr)

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With floral notes, blueberry, and vanilla, this coffee won't let you down.

Shakisso Farm can be found in the Guji zone, the southern part of Oromia,
one of Ethiopia’s largest regions. The farm was started by Haile Gebre and began producing organic coffees in 2001 and is now Organic, Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade USA certified. Haile works closely together with medium-sized local outgrowers who are specialized in this highland forest coffee. Coffees contributing
to this lot are grown at 1800 masl. The mixed heirloom varities give this coffee floral notes with blueberry and vanilla.

Farm: Shakisso  
Producer: Haile Gebre, local producers

Region: Guji zone, Oromia
Altitude: 1800 meters 
Variety: heirloom varieties
Process: fully washed and sun dried 
Green storage: grainpro 

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