Rwanda Kanzu (340gr)

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Complex and sparkling with flavors of fresh cream, grape skin and sweet orange.

Coffee in Rwanda has gone through a huge amount of change and improvement over the last ten years, making it a notable African origin for quality and refined flavor profiles. Investment in the coffee sector as part of the massive rebuilding after the country’s 1994 genocide has allowed for not only economic rebuilding, but a truly unique coffee flavour experience that has drawn a consistent and sustainable interest in Rwandan coffee. Kanzu is a cooperative and washing station in western Rwanda in the Nyamasheke district bordering Lake Kivu. We are really excited to have this coffee back this year!

Producers: Kanzu cooperative/washing station
Origin: Rwanda
Region: Nyamasheke 
Altitude: 1900-2100 meters
Varietal: Bourbon
Process: Fully washed 
Green Storage: Grain pro

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