Costa Rica Nereo Ramirez (340gr)

Dogwood Coffee Canada


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Fudgey, sweet cream and strawberry. 

Hardworking and resourceful, Nereo harvest all his own coffee with his family rather than hiring pickers and uses his own organic inputs from other areas of his farm as fertilizer. Grown at 1725 mail, Nereo's coffee is a fully washed Villa Sarchi varietal processed by his neighbours at Helsar de Zarcero. The micro mill works closely with about 40 such coffee farmers in the West Valley region of Costa Rica to process their coffees and create micro lots so they can forge relationships with buyers. 

Micro Mill: Helsar de Zarcero
Producer: Nereo Ramirez  
Region: West Valley 
Varietal: Villa Sarchi
Altitude: 1725 masl
Process: Fully washed
Green Storage: Grain Pro 


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